The 18th Asian Conference on MENTAL RETARDATION
18-23 November 2007
Taipei, TAIWAN

No Authors Title of Abstract
1Dr. Sriwongse Havananda
( Thailand )
Country Report: Opportunity of Intellectual Disabled People in Thailand
2 Zulfiker Haider
( Bangladesh )
Country Report: Bangladesh
3 Pramila Balasundaram
( India )
Country Report: A Decade of Developments
4 Dr. Teresita Inciong
( Philippines )
Country Report: Expanding Access to Education and Other Opportunities for People with Mental Retardation
5 E.M.G Tilleketrtna
( Sri Lanka )
Country Report: Sri Lanka
6 Sumio Kubota
( Japan )
Country Report: Self-advocate Movement in Japan
7 Prof. Barbara Beteman
( U.S.A )
Educational Placements and Mental Retardation
8 Prof. Nick Bouras
( Indonesia )
People with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health Problems
9 Dr. Jim Sullivan
( U.S.A )
It Takes a Village - Designing Social-technical systems for People with Congnitive Impairments
10 Dr. Roger Stancliffe
( Australia )
Participation and Support: Enabling people with intellectual disability to have a real life
11 Kuo-Jen Su
( Taiwan )
From Impossible to I'm possible Strategic Nature of NPO: Children Are Us Foundation as an example
12 Daniel Tan
( Singapore )
Celebrating 35 Years of Volunteerism -A History of working towards a barrier-free environment for the intellectually disabled in Singapore
13 Toshinori Azuma
( Japan )
About Teacher Training Programme for Kindergarten and Nursery School Teachers Who Work with Handicaooed People
14 Kuo-Hsuan Cheng
( Taiwan )
TVocation Oriated Career Programme Effects on Career Maturity of Slow Learners in Junior High School
15 Chen Shiau hiuan
Su Chia Ching
( Taiwan )
A Follow-Up Study of the Vocational Training Programmes for People with Disabilities in 2003-2006
16 Kunihiro Shoji
( Japan )
The Importance of Utilizing Word and Character Instruction to Children with Mental Disabilities in Order to Support Further Development
17 Su-Jan Lin
( Taiwan )
The Development Resarch of the Chinese Remidial Curriculum for Junior High School Students with Special Education Needs
18 Yu Tan Feng
( Taiwan )
Community Living Program in Taiwan