The 18th Asian Conference on MENTAL RETARDATION
18-23 November 2007
Taipei, TAIWAN

No Authors Title of Abstract
19Grace Mihyun Cho
Hyeon-Ok Park
Mihyun Cho
( South Korea )
CHC(Cattell-Horn-Carroll) Theory -Based Analysis of Cognitive Characteristics and Reading Skills of Mentally Retarded Children
20 Ming-Chung Chen
Chun-Han Chiang
Chien-Chuan Ko
( Taiwan )
Exploring the Effectiveness of TriAccess System on reading Comprehension for Students with Disabiltiites
21 Wen-Ting Chang
( Taiwan )
The Successful Intervension in Positive Behavioral Suport Approach for Two Students with Special Needs with School Refusal
22 Li Li Go
( Singapore )
The Effects of Self-Efficacy on Career Choices and Job Readiness Among People with Intellectual Disability in Singapore
23 Shin-Siung Jung
( Taiwan )
Therapeutic Eddicacy of Intensive Sensor-Motor Integration Training to Pupils with Learning Disabilities or Emotional Difficulties
24 Yi-Jen Wang
( Taiwan )
Experiences of the Occupational Therapy Intervention in Institution for Adult with Intellectual Disability Physical Fitness Group
25 Yolanda S. Quijano
( Philippines )
Transition Program: Philippine Model
26 Prof. Junsik Park
Prof. Insoo Cho
Bunrae Cho
( South Korea )
A Study on Developing the Standards in Competencies of Transition Education Teachers for Children with Mental Retardation
27 R. Padmavati
( India )
Creating Community Awareness Through Puppet Theater
28 Feng-Chu Tseng
Kuang-Yun Le
( Taiwan )
Methodic Intonational Therapy to Facilitate Language with Autism Child-Case Study
29 Wen-Shing Hsu
Mei-Hwei Ho
( Taiwan )
The Ritural Behaviors of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
30 Teresita Reyes Yambot
Cezhel Cortez Macatangay
Maria Lourdes Alonzo
( Philippines )
Enabling an Unable Child to the Optimum
31 Chia-Ling Lee
Han Fu-Jong Tsao
( Taiwan )
A Research on the Employing of Job Accomodation Concept to the Vocational Programs of a Special Education School
32 Houy-Jane Liou
Fu-Jong Tsao Han
( Taiwan )
Vocational Training Programs for Physically and Mentally Challenged Persons in Taiwan
33 Nam-Soon Kim
Mi-Ra Kang
Kyung-Shin Kim
Hyun-ju Son
Kyung-Young Lee
( South Korea )
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Vocational Education for People with Supported Employment Mentar Retardation
34 Ya-Ping Wu
Hwa-Pey Wang
( Taiwan )
Comparison of an Adjusted Track Ball to a Group Switches Mouse for a College Student with Physical Disabilities: A Pilot Study
35 Hong-Min Lin
Chen-Tang Hou
Chia-Ying Lin
Shin-Pei Li
( Taiwan )
The Effect of Digital Learning in Situated Instruction on Learning Achievement of Vocational High Shool Special Class Students
36 Shwu-Ling Lee
( Taiwan )
Use of Assistive Technology at Work by People with Physical Disabilities in the UK and Taiwan