The 18th Asian Conference on MENTAL RETARDATION
18-23 November 2007
Taipei, TAIWAN

No Authors Title of Abstract
37Chi-Ru Chang
Tuanwen Huang-Wu
Han Chang
( Taiwan )
A Survey of Sensory-Motor Stimulation Opportunities in Taipei City Community Playgrounds
38 Pramila Balasundaram
( India )
Drama Therapy for Community Outreach
39 Shu-Hsin Lee
( Taiwan )
The Intellectual Disability Inspired by Dalcroze Eurhythmics
40 Tsuey-Ling Lee
Mei-Ching Chung
I-Chun Chiu
Chang-Chun Chiu
Shih-Chi Lin
( Taiwan )
The Implementation of Individualized Education Program in an Inclusive Class, Taiwan
41 Shun-Te Huang
( Taiwan )
The Oral Health Status of People with Disabilities in Taiwan
42 Hsin-Yi Wang
Chin-Kai Lin
( Taiwan )
The Survey of Gender Equality Curriculum for Students with Mental Retardation
43 Yu-Fei Tung
( Taiwan )
Applying the Picture Exchange Communication System in Autistic Children's Communication Training
44 Sriwongse Havananda
( Thailand )
Methodology of Self Help Care for Mentally Retarded People
45 Ong-Hyoon Lee
In-Soo Joe
( South Korea )
Promoting Methods for Self-Determination of Outcome-Oriented Transitional Education for Students with Mental Retardation
46 Chia-Hui Wang
Pang-Sing Ke
( Taiwan )
The Development of Taiwan Sheltered Employment and Experience Sharing - Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation as the Example
47 Yuji Kato
( Japan )
Desirable Examples of Work Development for Small Scale Workshops
48 Chong Jia Yin
Li Jen Yi
( Singapore )
Social Skills in Children with Special Needs With and Without Mainstream Education in Singapore
49 Bo-Sung Jeon
In-Soo Cho
Jung-Sun Song
( South Korea )
The Effects of Interpersonal Social Function-Centered Transition Education Program to Promote Social Competence of Students with Mental Retardation
50 Prof.Kuo-Yu Wang
( Taiwan )
Unexpected Life Event: Longevity of People with Intellectual Disability in Aisian Context
51 Dr.Huang-Tsung Kuo
( Taiwan )
Soft Movement Across the Nation - Early Intervention for Children with Developmental Delay in Taiwan
52 Patricia Barthorpe
( UK )
The Disability Discrimination Act and Its Impact on Schools and Colleges in UK
53 Elaine Colquhoun
Shin-Pei Li
( UK )
The English Education System in Relation to the Development of Inclusive Practice for all students
54 Chieh-Ju Chen
( Taiwan )
"How Do Parent Groups Play the Role of Influencing Government Policies?"-Taiwan Experiences