The 18th Asian Conference on MENTAL RETARDATION
18-23 November 2007
Taipei, TAIWAN

No Authors Title of Abstract
55I-Ching Lee
( Taiwan )
Playfulness in Children with Autism
56 Shu Li Cheng
Shu Chiu Chung
Fang May Liau
( Taiwan )
Investigation on School Refusal (Phobia) Behavior of Taipei Students and Related Alternative Programs
57 Shwu-Ling Lee
Chiung-Yi Huang
( Taiwan )
The Effect of 3-D Graphic-Based Virtual Reality on the Improvement of Pedestrainized Skills to School for Elementary Students with Intellectual Disabilities
58 Tomoko Yoshimura
( Japan )
A Health Relevant QOL for People with Intellectual Disabilities
59 Chung-Ping Lu
Hae-Shya Ma
Yi-Jen Wang
( Taiwan )
Clinical Application of EZ-Made Adapted Chopsticks
60 Hoe-Yeon Kweon
Mi-Ae Lee
Byung-Un Jeon
( South Korea )
An Effect of a Lifelong Education Program on the Development of Self-Determination and Self-Esteem for Married Women with Mental Retardation
61 Ling-Yi Lin
Gael Orsmond
( Taiwan )
Maternal Well-being and Life-span Issues of Autism in Taiwamese Families of Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
62 Shu-Jou Sun
( Taiwan )
A Study of Parent Involvement Issues of Disabled Students from the School Administrators and Regular Classroom Teachers
63 Shwu-Jiuan Wang
Sheau Jiun Chang
Chiung Yi Huang
( Taiwan )
The Phonological Short-term Memory in Preschool Children with Down's Syndrome
64 Min-Chi Kao
Hong-Min Lin
Ying-Chang Hsu
( Taiwan )
The Usability of Deposit and Withdrawal Slips for Individuals with Mental Retardation in Taiwan
65 Shu-Ling Tsai
Mei-Yun Chen
Chin-Fei Cheng
Ying-Hong Lai
Pi-Feng Hung
( Taiwan )
A Survey on the Adaptation Conditions of New Students with Special Needs in Taipei
66 Yu-Fei Tung
( Taiwan )
The Thought of Teaching Social Skills of Students in Special Class of High Vocational School
67 Bo-Sung Jeon
In-Soo Cho
Jung-Sun Song
( South Korea )
The Picture Exchange Communication System
68 Chih-Hsuan Chen
Bih-Ching Shu
( Taiwan )
Perceived Stigma in Young People with Intellectual Disability
69 Ching-Hsiu Yang
Ching Lee
( Taiwan )
The Reach-to-grasp Movement in Children with Autism -Pilot Exploration
70 Yung-Chen Huang
( Taiwan )
The Effects on Self-designed Music Teaching Activities for Two Elementary Schol Students with Down's Syndrome Case Study