The Group Training Course on Intellectual Disabilities
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Welcome to the Group Training Course on Intellectual Disabilities (GTID) web site.
imageThis page is designed to provide ex-participants of the Group Training Course on Intellectual Disabilities ("Mental Retardation" from 1980 to 1994) with up to date information on Intellectual Disabilities and Activities of co-participants.
GTID is an International Training Course that has been conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), in corporation with Japan League on Developmental Disabilities (JLDD), since 1980. 273 persons from 56 countries all over the world have participated the course by the year of 2012.
The course aims (1) to enhance participants' knowledge upon intellectual disabilities, (2) to introduce them various services for people with intellectual disabilities in Japan, and (3) to give them opportunity of exchanging opinions with each other in order to help them provide better systems for the people in their respective countries.
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In many participating countries, people with intellectual disabilities live in difficult condition (view country reports).
Hope information in this page is useful for the betterment of the condition.